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Veterans Are Saluted at St. Ann Center

By November 11, 2015No Comments2 min read

St. Ann Center showed its true colors on this Veterans Day.

The red, white and blue were waving proudly as we recognized our many clients and staff members who served their country over the decades.

Marines, soldiers, sailors and airmen answered a roll call as their branches of service were announced. Carnations and flags were distributed to former servicemen and women while the stirring strains of Anchors Aweigh, the Marines’ Hymn, Those Caissons Go Rolling Along and the Wild Blue Yonder filled the room.

Time was also taken to hear from the veterans, who humbly shared their memories of serving our country. Meantime, St. Ann Center’s children watched wide-eyed and clapped to the music as they were introduced to the day set aside to honor the rich history of our country’s protectors, past and present.

Bob Toerpe from Shepherd House well remembers how his life changed as he joined the Airforce fresh out of high school. “It all went so fast,” he recalls. “There was basic training and then we were in Korea.” Bob rose to the rank of staff sergeant. Velvet Stevenson from the Northwest Unit was a staff sergeant, as well. “I keep this picture on my bureau,” she says, holding a portrait of herself posed before the flag in a crisp Army green uniform.

When Army veteran Mike Lepak was asked what he thought of the day’s ceremony, he smiled, blinked away a tear he couldn’t hold back, and simply said, “Thank you.”

To the veterans at St Ann Center for Intergenerational Care and across the U.S., thank YOU for your selfless service. May you be blessed with happiness and peace.

We salute:

Velvet Stevenson, Frank Rzepkowski, Darryl Banaszak, Mike Lepak, Robert Toerpe, Alice Jorgensen,William Baumgardt, Wanda MCClaen, Leo Gonzalez, Bill Cook, David Desotell, Ron Kelly, John Backstand, John Mitchum, Lowell Williams, Larry Hinz, Thomas Kontowski, Paul Proell, Edward Zuzelski

St. Ann Center Veterans Day Photo Gallery

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