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Outpatient Therapies

Physical, Occupational and Rehabilitation Therapy in Milwaukee

Open Monday – Thursday. We accept Medicare, Medicaid, Forward Health, private insurance, and private pay.

One of the first outpatient therapy departments housed in a day care setting, St. Ann Center’s program offers a creative and comprehensive approach to rehabilitation, with services also available to the community at large. Our professional therapists design individualized treatment programs to help people of all ages and abilities achieve the highest level of independence possible.

The treatment plan uses an interdisciplinary team approach; evaluation and treatment sessions occur in collaboration with the client’s physician. Therapists also work to educate caregivers on ways to help their loved ones maintain the skills developed in therapy and prevent further risks or injury.

swim therapy classes

Certified Therapy Programs for Children, Teens and Adults

Our specific therapy areas address:

  • Falls prevention. Fall risk increases with age, but an accurate assessment of issues causing a person’s falls is crucial because not everyone falls for the same reason. Our Falls Prevention Clinic includes a comprehensive assessment, with an in-home component, and treatment to reduce or eliminate your risk of falling and improve safety in daily living activities as well as functional mobility at home and in the community. A summary of your Falls Risk Assessment, and recommendations, will be provided to your doctor.
  • Aquatic therapy. This takes place in our Aquatic Center’s warm-water, wheelchair-accessible pool.
  • Pain management strategies and exercises.
  • Exercise for a range of motion, strengthening, and coordination.
  • Mobility such as walking, transfers, and bed mobility
  • Daily living activities with training in feeding, dressing, hygiene, grooming, and wheelchair management
  • Cognitive training in memory and attention

Note: At the moment, the Medical Clinic and Massage Therapy programs are on hold and not accepting appointments.

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