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St. Ann Center is for all ages & abilities

Intergenerational Hug

St. Ann Center specializes in adult and child day services in a safe, home-like intergenerational setting, where compassion, care and dignity are key. We do this by bringing all ages together—from 6 weeks old to 100+. Youngsters learn to respect and socialize with all types of people. And older adults delight to the sight and sounds of children, improving their physical and mental health and sense of self-worth while making dozens of young, loving friends.

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When you bring children and adults together for planned and informal activities—from daily exercise to art and music-making—children benefit from positive one-on-one attention from nurturing, caring adults; and adults gain a sense of purpose by sharing wisdom and skills with children. What’s more, adults talk, smile and participate more fully when the little ones are around. It’s hard to tell who’s more excited!

Research reports by Generations United (a national organization advocating for the well-being of children, youth, and older adults through intergenerational programming) show older adults participating in intergenerational shared sites, like St. Ann Center, experience: improved physical and mental health; enhanced socialization; improved sense of self-worth; increased personal independence; less agitation in those with dementia; improved attitudes about other generations and delayed entrance into nursing homes.

Similarly, children in intergenerational shared sites show enhanced social skills, lower levels of aggressive behavior, decreased drug use, increased stability, and improved academic performance. In fact, children in intergenerational programs have higher personal and social development scores by 11 months of age than children in non-intergenerational programs.

St. Ann Center strives to prevent premature institutionalization of the elderly and adults with disabilities. The adults we serve receive compassionate, personal and cost-effective care, and then return home at the end of the day. The children in our care learn flexibility, respect for self and others, and appreciation for diversity in age, abilities and culture.