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Frequently Asked Questions

Get Answers To Most Commonly Asked Questions From Our Customers

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Adult Care Services FAQs

Do you take clients with medical preconditions?

Please contact our Adult Services intake coordinator at the campus you are interested in for an individual consultation based on your loved one’s condition. We’re successfully able to care for many adults with a variety of disabilities. While wish we could provide care for everyone who needs it, but there are some people who are not a good fit for an adult day program.

How much does it cost, and will my health insurance cover this?

If your loved one qualifies for a public funding source, it may cost them nothing out of pocket. Our Adult Services intake coordinator at the campus you’re interested in can help you see if they might qualify.

For individuals who pay privately, rates will vary depending on a person’s capabilities (and this typically is not covered by health insurance). People with higher care needs require more staff assistance.

Contact our Adult Services intake coordinator at the campus you are interested in for an individual consultation.

Can someone attend part-time?

  • Assisted bathing in our whirlpool tubs
  • Outpatient physical and Occupational Therapy
  • A warm-water, wheelchair-accessible pool
  • Music therapy
  • Hair and nail care
  • Temporary overnight respite care
  • A special needs dental clinic for adults and children.

These services are open to the community, not just day program clients.

Can I bring in my loved one for bathing without enrolling them in the day program?

Yes! Bathing services are by appointment only, and we require a physician’s health clearance before you may schedule an appointment. For more information, contact our Adult Services director at the campus you are interested in.

Who can I call to visit the facility or learn more?

Contact the Adult Services intake coordinator at the campus you are interested in to schedule a tour or answer specific questions.

Childcare FAQs

Is there a waitlist? How long is it?

The waitlist length can vary widely by both campus and age group; we recommend that parents (or parents-to-be) reach out to the campus they’re interested in at least a couple of months before they expect to need care for a child. At times, there may be no wait list in some classrooms.

How much is tuition?

Childcare rates vary by the child’s age and frequency of use; some families qualify for publicly subsidized care. Please call the childcare office at the campus you’re interested in to determine the rate for your child’s care.

What is the Buddy Program?

The Buddy Program is a volunteer program for children ages 11-15 that mentors them, giving them a chance to practice future job skills and to interact regularly with older adults.

How can I arrange to see the facility?

Use our contact form to connect to our Childcare office at the campus you’re interested in to arrange a tour. We’ll be in touch.

Overnight Respite FAQs

What is overnight respite care?

Available 24/7/365, St. Ann Center’s temporary overnight respite care service lets frail elders and adults with special needs stay from one to 21 days in bed-and-breakfast-style private rooms, with compassionate care provided by trained caregivers. Clients may join the adult day program activities, but they do not need to be enrolled in the day program to stay overnight.

Who is eligible?

Adults age 18 or older who can safely participate. Individuals who need assistance with personal care and activities of daily living are eligible unless highly specialized skills are required to safely care for them.

Who is NOT eligible?

Individuals whose behavior requires physical intervention or disrupts the peaceful stay of other guests. Individuals who require skilled nursing (such as insulin, colostomy care, and wound care) are generally not eligible.

How do I sign up my loved one?

The application process for a new guest, on average, takes two to three weeks and includes:

    • Completion of intake paperwork/guest information packet
    • Results of recent physical and TB test (done by guest’s health care provider) returned to St. Ann Center Overnight Respite Department
    • Plan of care meeting with Respite Nurse
    • Meeting with the Nurse to drop off medications that will be needed during the stay and to sign a contract
    • Schedule and complete a trial night when the guest meets staff and becomes acclimated to St. Ann Center’s Overnight Respite. Upon successful completion, you can make your reservations for an initial stay. Subsequent stays may be arranged more quickly.

How far in advance can I arrange a stay for my loved one?

The earlier the better. For someone looking to book an initial stay, be aware that it can take a month or more to obtain the required physician’s clearance, do an initial assessment, arrange an on-site visit and more. Subsequent stays offer a little more flexibility, but be aware that weekends and holidays book up fast.

Can my loved one use other St. Ann Center services during their stay?

Yes! Additional services are available at an additional charge, including outpatient rehab (physical and occupational therapy); a hair and nail salon; and a warm-water pool. Note: not all services are available daily, and some require advance medical clearance, so please inquire about them at the time you are reserving the stay.

Can a client stay in respite care for more than 21 days?

Because we are not a residential facility, visits must be limited to 21 days. Clients may stay multiple times over the course of a year, in segments of 21 days or fewer.

Do you have overnight respite care at the Bucyrus Campus?

We’re looking to reopen this service at the Bucyrus Campus in early 2023.

What if my loved one needs medications administered?

Medication-certified staff is available on each shift to administer medications.

What if I only need daytime weekend respite care?

Adults who do not need overnight care can receive day services in the respite care center on Saturday and Sunday, from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

How much does respite care cost?

Costs vary depending upon the level of care needed, based on the assessment of the client’s needs.

What type of payment is accepted?

We accept private pay and payment assistance from Family Care, Community Care, Care Wisconsin, IRIS, and Milwaukee County Department on Aging.

Can I tour St. Ann Center and the Overnight Respite before deciding?

Yes, and we recommend you do! Use our contact form below to connect with our overnight respite care intake coordinator to learn more about scheduling a tour and the steps needed to arrange a stay.

Or contact us directly:

Stein Campus. Cassandra Clark (email preferred). or (414) 977-5007

Dental Clinic FAQs

Can anyone be seen at your Dental Clinic?

The Gardetto Family Community clinic is reserved specifically for Wisconsin children and adults with moderate to severe cognitive or physical disabilities that prevent them from being treated in standard private practice or community clinics. Prospective patients must have a referral from a doctor or dentist.

Do you take insurance?

We accept all forms of Medicaid. Other accepted insurances include United Healthcare, Humana, Envolve, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Dental Network of America, and Dental Professionals of Wisconsin.