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St. Ann Center’s Got Talent!

By February 26, 2021No Comments2 min read

The Stein Campus was center stage for an amazing array of performers featured in this year’s first client and staff talent show. Adults gathered in a socially distant way in the atrium while other clients and kids watched from the upstairs veranda—all enjoying more than 20 fantastic acts.

Participants practiced for weeks to get ready for the special day. And it showed! Barry had them rolling in the aisles with his jokes, Jennel’s impressions were spot on and Diane’s flying fingers dazzled the audience as she twirled her baton.

Narkeez showed off his mastery on the keyboard and Alonzorena and Erica had everyone singing along with their vocals. Staff members grabbed the spotlight, too. John Jansen, Vice President of Grants & Community Engagement, sang an Irish tune and a Hank Williams favorite, accompanying himself on guitar. Music therapist Hannah Goodness shared her love of Scottish dancing, performing an intricate jig. And Sr. Edna, St. Ann Center president, sang a ditty that she learned as a child during car rides with her parents and six siblings.

Before the applause died down, everyone agreed there have to be more talent shows in our future.

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