St. Ann Center Thanksgiving Makes Room for Gratitude

There was gratitude in abundance at St. Ann Center when the clients and staff got together in the spacious Atrium for a Thanksgiving Eve celebration. Deacon Pat LaPointe from Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, a neighbor to the Stein Campus, started things off with a special blessing. Then Hannah Goodness, St. Ann Center’s music therapist, got everyone into the holiday spirit with some Thanksgiving-themed songs.

And what would this holiday be without plenty of food…for thought. Chaplain Rodican Rose Bonn, Becca Felden of the Marketing team and Hannah shared a heaping helping of Thanksgiving stories, jokes and fun facts that gave the clients plenty of dinner table conversation for tomorrow.

Did you know…

  • Americans make 46 million turkeys for Thanksgiving every year
  • An adult turkey has about 5,500 feathers
  • A wild turkey can run up to 25 m.p.h. and its gobble can be heard a mile away
  • A flustered cook called the Butterball Turkey Hotline and told the operator he’d cut his turkey in half with a chainsaw. What he was wondering: “Will the oil from the chainsaw adversely affect the bird’s flavor?”
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