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St. Ann Center Launches COVID-19 Vaccine Program

By February 18, 2021No Comments3 min read
Bucyrus Campus Medical Clinic begins administering vaccines.


St. Ann Center for Intergenerational Care has been selected as a distribution site for the COVID-19 vaccine. After months of preparation, the Bucyrus Campus Medical Clinic received the vaccine on Monday, February 15, and began administering doses on Thursday.

“Our first goal is to provide the vaccine to everyone at our two campuses,” said Nicole Berg-Johnson, Family Nurse Practitioner at the medical clinic. “After we get staff members, clients and clinic patients who are eligible vaccinated, we can branch out to their family members. We’re also looking forward to offering the vaccine to community members in the neighborhood.”

To begin, the clinic will give vaccinations three days a week, hoping to vaccinate 50 people each week. Eligible staff members and volunteers, including those over age 65 and with direct client contact will be among the first to receive the vaccine. Notification of the vaccination program is also being distributed to caregivers of St. Ann Center clients.

The news of the vaccine is especially welcome, considering reports of racial disparities in the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines in Milwaukee County. “The community inside and outside of our building tends to have pre-existing conditions and underlying health issues,” Nicole added. “Some clients are unable to wear masks because of cognitive issues. It’s awesome to be able to protect them, our staff and the neighborhood and make everyone safer.”

Sr. Edna Lonergan, St. Ann Center’s president, didn’t hesitate to make a vaccine appointment. “I trust the science,” she said, “I’m also proud that St. Ann Center is set up and ready to distribute the vaccine—not only to our precious clients, but to community members who need a place they can trust and feel comfortable coming to.”

Cindy Durling of the Stein Campus Building and Grounds Department was ready to roll of her sleeve. “I live with someone who has a compromised immune system, so the vaccine is protecting both of us,” she said. She also appreciates the convenience of getting a vaccine at work “rather than waiting to see if I could get it through my doctor or drugstore.”

Volunteer Maggie Cary said she has “no anxiety at all” about getting the vaccine. “I even dressed for the occasion,” she said, modeling her crisp short-sleeved blouse. “My brother, sister-in-law and niece are about to get their second dose, and everything went very well for them. I’m so happy that our clients will be offered the vaccine. It will give so many caregivers peace of mind.”

If you believe you are eligible to receive the vaccine and would like to make an appointment, call the Bucyrus Campus Medical Clinic at 414-210-2430.

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