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Spring Issue #56: Newsletter Cover Story

By August 1, 2022No Comments1 min read

A Rawring Good Time at the Stein

Dinosaurs again walked the earth, or at least, the Stein Campus, at a recent event that delighted children and adults alike. Along with staffers, St. Francis Mayor Ken Tutaj and State Rep. Christine Sinicki donned dino gear for greetings, games and photos.

Toddlers’ eyes were wide when they first encountered large, colorful beasts, but initial hesitation soon disappeared when they saw familiar staffers “riding” the inflatable dinos, and their adult friends laughing and smiling at the dinosaurs’ antics.

Many of the children and clients wore dinosaur-themed clothing. They had a blast creating Jurassic art and playing games together.
The morning’s journey back through time was such a success that the Bucyrus Campus staff is already planning to have a dinosaur invasion there as well.