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Premiere of “What If No One Had to Be Alone?”

By June 23, 20162 Comments2 min read

New Video Shows Friendships at St. Ann Center that Make Everyone Feel Needed

St. Ann Center is excited to share our brand-new video starring the children and adults who make the magic happen at our intergenerational center. Produced by CI Design, the 3-1/2-minute video is the first to be filmed at both our Stein and Bucyrus Campuses.

Months of planning, scripting and filming went into the finished product. To emphasize St. Ann Center’s mission—serving people of all ages and abilities—the cameraman filmed many of the segments while seated in a wheelchair. Another member of the film crew pushed him through our childcare and adult day program rooms, capturing a typical day at St. Ann Center from the perspective of many of our adults. The camera zooms in on everything from morning exercise and an intergenerational sing-along to a high five between an adult in a wheelchair and an excited toddler.

The colorful montage includes interviews with adult clients, chats between the generations, and even our pet volunteers in action. CI Design also composed an original song, with a lively beat, and lyrics (below) that clearly convey what St. Ann Center for Intergenerational Care is all about: giving people of all ages and abilities care, love, respect and a place where they feel valued and needed through connecting with one another.

“What if No One Had to Be Alone?”
Music & Lyrics by CI Design

What if no one had to be alone? What if friendship was easy? If I say differences will make us strong, would you really believe me?

These are the daughters and sons, together older and young, forever different yet one, that’s why it’s special and fun.

The children learn to accept the way the world hasn’t yet, and the adults find purpose in the children they’ve met.

It’s in the birthday parties, the bowling, the singing songs, it’s the learning that happens in these moments that makes us strong.

It’s the friendships that make the loneliness disappear, and there’s a lot of that loneliness disappearing here.

(Chorus Repeats)


  • Camille Koepnick Shaffer says:

    This was such an uplifting video and the Center truly captures what Jesus has taught us…kudos to Sr. Edna and to each and every worker who makes this happen each day. Such abounding love!

    • Cathy Feldkamp says:

      Thank you so much for your kind comment! Everyone who interacts with the center (face to face and online!) helps this magic happen. Thank you for being part of our joyful community.

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