Meet the People of 53206

Photos by Barbara Miner, Milwaukee Magazine.

We love Milwaukee Magazine’s feature story: “A DREAM DEFERRED”

The article covers ZIP code 53206 which is often dismissed as the poorest and most troubled neighborhood in Milwaukee but offers a glimpse beyond the stereotypes, into lives of the people who make the area their home. Our favorite quote in the article is from Dr. Carter, owner and pharmacist at Carter’s Drugs for almost 50 years:

“When Channel 4 or Channel 6 come here and ask me if I’m worried about all the crime, I look them right in the eye and I say: ‘This is a beautiful neighborhood.’”

We couldn’t agree more or be more excited to join the 53206 community. Our Bucyrus Campus will bring 200+ jobs to the neighborhood, a safe place for youth to be active and a bandshell on the grounds to showcase community talents.

Click here to read the full article and learn more about the beautiful people of 53206.

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