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Meet Our Shared-Site Replication Summit Attendees

By June 13, 2017No Comments2 min read

Who attends a Shared-Site Replication Summit? A whole world of interesting people! Here’s a snapshot of the fascinating folks who came to Milwaukee on June 13 and 14 for in-depth training on how to replicate St. Ann Center’s world-renowned model of intergenerational day services for children and adults.

Where are they from?

  • Wisconsin, Minnesota, Georgia, New York, Oregon, Ohio, Massachusetts, Florida, Kentucky
  • Tokyo, Japan; Portugal; Singapore; London, England; Australia; Alberta, Canada; Granada, Spain

What are their occupations?

  • University professors in Early Childhood Education, Nursing and Sociology
  • Graduate students in Gerontology and Architecture
  • Real estate developer
  • Community Services Director
  • Director of an assisted living center
  • Administrators of senior living communities and schools for adults and children with disabilities
  • Health Care Director
  • Researcher
  • Philanthropist
  • Shared-Site Intergenerational Center Director
  • Intergenerational advocate
  • Parent

Why are they here?

  • To advance their graduate studies in the intergenerational field
  • To link older adults and children with disabilities
  • To introduce intergenerational programs to an assisted living facility
  • To bolster schools where children and older adults learn from one another
  • To build a shared-site intergenerational care center from scratch
  • To study what architectural elements enhance intergenerational relationships
  • To introduce intergenerational programs to a nation where very few exist
  • To promote intergenerational worship
  • To turn an underutilized school into an intergenerational day services center
  • To link older adults with college students
  • To foster healthy relationships between children and the frail elderly
  • To create a shared-site intergenerational center that can be replicated the world over

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