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Kids in Transition

By January 18, 2017No Comments1 min read

Change is good. But as any parent or childcare teacher knows, it’s not always easy. In recent weeks, the children at St. Ann Center have been trying their new classrooms on for size. During the transition, Miss Dominique, from the Beetle Room, happily discovered kids have a natural way of giving one another exactly what they need.

“A year ago, one little boy had a rough transition from the baby room to the 1 year olds’ classroom. He cried frequently and didn’t like being touched by the other children,” Miss Dominique explains. “Last week, this same little boy, now 2, was sad to see his mom leave for work and started to cry.

“Another child held out her arms to him and asked, “Hug?” The boy accepted the hug and two more from a couple of other children. By the last hug, he’d not only stopped crying but was smiling from ear to ear. I feel so proud to see how much he has grown, and how caring his young friends are.”

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