In Loving Memory of Celine Meller Stanly

The best part of our Donate Your Age campaign is receiving beautiful age-inspired stories from our community.

Recently we received this touching letter.

The letter reads:

Celine Miller Stanly, 12 Feb. 1932 – 20 Sep. 2016

I’m making the enclosed donation in loving memory of my dear mom Celine = our little angel…We miss her so…

The first time I visited St. Ann Center with Mom, I knew immediately that it was a very special place where everyone can receive care, respect and love…

We were so blessed that Mom could spend so many days at St. Ann Center…

With great thanks for everything that you and your staff do..

– Jeff Stanly

It means so much to us to hear these stories of how people are impacted by being part of our joyful intergenerational community. We shared this story with the staff in our Wellness Unit where Celine spent many of her days. In return, they reflected on favorite memories and ways that caring, 84-year-old Celine blessed their lives.

  • “Celine’s sweet smile would light up the room.” Mitch CNA
  • “She so enjoyed making music with the children from day care.” Sharon CNA
  • “Every day was a good day for Celine. She cheered us all up!” Nancy CNA
  • “She got such comfort from daily prayer services.” Debbie CNA
  • “Celine made everybody feel loved.” Mike, Senior Wellness Client

Celine’s age-inspiration is a feature story as part of the center’s #DonateYourAge campaign which shows the value of every age! Join the campaign now with your own age-inspired gift.

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