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Everyone’s a Winner in This Election

By November 3, 2020No Comments2 min read
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The clients at St. Ann Center’s Stein Campus got into the Election Day spirit on November 3rd. The polls opened in the Atrium in the early morning, and saw a steady stream of voters throughout the day.

The ballot featured something everyone has a strong opinion about—food. There were 22 lunches and 16 snacks in the running. Each client cast their vote for one of each, and walked away with an American flag and an “I Voted!” sticker for their effort.

After the polls close and the ballots are tallied, the St. Ann Center kitchen will add the winning candidates to next week’s menu.

This exercise in delicious democracy resulted in a great turnout. “We always strive to give our clients a voice in what happens here,” said Kristen Schmalfeldt of the Activities Department. “This was a really fun way to do it.”

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