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Easter Promise Brightens St. Ann Center

By April 5, 2021No Comments1 min read

Easter excitement filled both St. Ann Center campuses in recent weeks as clients celebrated the season with song, dance and artistry.

The Bucyrus Campus Cooking Club turned dozens of hard-boiled eggs into colorful masterpieces–learning how warm water, vinegar and food dye combine to create eye-popping ovals. Afterward, clients got some exercise hunting for plastic eggs.

Easter Monday at the Stein Campus had everyone cracking up, as staff members, including Sr. Edna, told some holiday-appropriate jokes. Where does the Easter Bunny go for breakfast? IHOP, of course.

Then it was time to start moving, to the tune of the ever popular “Chicken Dance” and “The Bunny Hop.” The best part was seeing the return of several clients after months away due to the pandemic. What a great way to start off a season of hope, joy and new life!


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