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Dream of Martin Luther King Jr. Celebrated at St. Ann Center

By January 20, 2020No Comments2 min read

Martin Luther King Jr. was wished a happy 91st birthday at both St. Ann Center campuses on the holiday celebrating the life and legacy of the esteemed civil rights leader.

At the Bucyrus Campus, saxophonist and singer Bobby Jiles played and sang some of Dr. King’s favorite songs including “Oh Happy Day,” “Precious Lord Take My Hand” and “Just Stand.” The adult clients took turns at the mic, reading poems with themes of human dignity, equality and strength in unity.

The Stein Campus tribute included remarks about non-violence from Rodican Rose, director of Pastoral Care, and observations about Dr. King from some of the adult clients, including facts about the man who helped unite a divided nation. Even the 2-year-old Butterflies got in on the celebration, helping create a special wall display in Dr. King’s honor.

Among the readings, was this poem by Michael Salinger:

Martin Luther King had an American Dream.

Black and white folks on the same team.

Not separate but equal —rather instead

Together—a nation with freedom widespread.

With tolerance for all races and creeds

His speeches and marches planted the seeds

For a movement calling for civil rights

Advocating through nonviolent fights

Against injustice wherever it streamed.

Martin Luther King had an American dream.

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