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#DonateYourAge Kick-off!

By December 27, 2016No Comments2 min read

Introducing our new campaign to show the value of every age!

In December, we followed up Collyn’s Success Story with a lesson he’s already learned at the tender age of 5. Collyn knows how to appreciate and interact with people of all ages and abilities. For St. Ann Center, this simple lesson is just the beginning an exciting movement!

Join our #DonateYourAge campaign to show that every age has value.

You become part of the movement when you make a gift representing your age or any age that has made a special difference in your life. You could make a donation representing:

  • the combined ages of your grandchildren
  • the age of a cherished mentor
  • the age of your business or organization

Then, tell us the story behind your gift. Together, we’ll share the age-inspired stories and showcase that every age is worth celebrating. You can find the age-inspiration on this blog or by following #DonateYourAge.

Here are our first age-inspired stories.

From Connie of Neshkoro, WI | $50.00
“The gift represents a special, wonderful day in our lives — 1/2 of our combined ages when we married on 11/27/81. Our life together has been truly blessed by God.”

From Kathleen of Neshkoro, WI | $100.00
“Just turned 65 — planning ahead for my 100 Birthday Celebration!”

From Cathy of Milwaukee, WI | $23.00
“23 is how old I was when I started working at St. Ann Center. Being part of this center has touched my heart countless times. I consider myself so lucky to be working in and promoting this joyful intergenerational community.”

From Sharon of Milwaukee, WI | $59.00
“Among the many things St. Ann Center has taught me: The perfect age is NOW. Whether we’re one or 101, we all have something unique and important to offer. And this is the perfect way to do it.”

From Casey of New Berlin, WI | $14.00
“I, of course, donated $14 in honor of that adorable pup you will see in the photo. She has brought so much joy and happiness to so many adults and children here at the center. As much love and attention she has given to those at St. Ann Center she has received it back ten fold. The clients and staff bring her special treats and when she was bitten by another dog this year everyone’s worry and concern was so heartwarming. There is truly a place for everyone at St. Ann Center, even an old gal like Asha Bear.”

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