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Danceworks Keeps Generations in Step

By June 7, 2018No Comments2 min read

Things were really hopping…and leaping, twirling and spinning…at the Bucyrus Campus when the ladies from Danceworks paid a visit. The local nonprofit is dedicated to enhancing the joy, health and creativity of the community through performances, classes and outreach activities that integrate dance and the other arts.

Artistic Director Dani Kuepper and her team members Kim, Gina, Liz and Crystal turned St. Ann Center’s Intergenerational Park into a stage for graceful, energetic movement. Our childcare kids and adult clients sat mesmerized, watching as the dancers formed ever-changing shapes and patterns with their bodies.  Dani worked with the children to help them identify when the dancers were moving at high, medium and low levels of space. The kids caught on quickly, shouting “high” when the dancers jumped into the air, “medium” when they crouched and “low” when they stretched out flat on the floor.

Next, it was time for the children to try some high, medium and low moves of their own. After they got the hang of it, they teamed up with the dancers to teach the adult clients some movements. Sharing St. Ann Center’s belief in intergenerational benefits, Danceworks created a special community program—Danceworks Generations. This program partners with senior centers, public and private adult day centers and elementary schools within Milwaukee, using creative arts instruction to encourage school-aged children to build relationships with older adults in their communities.

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