Congratulations 2012 Charity Raffle #2 Winners!

We spun the barrel and picked the winners of St. Ann Center’s second $250,000 Charity Cash Raffle for 2012. Our thanks go to everyone who supported the raffle. All of the funds raised go to programs for the children, elderly and adults of all abilities served at St. Ann Center for Intergenerational Care.



6078         $200,000.00Arlene LahrCudahyWI
9673             $25,000.00Carol HebertNew BerlinWI
1529             $7,500.00Jim WeedmanThiensvilleWI
15742               $2,500.00Terry WagnerFriendshipWI
3878               $2,500.00Eugene RemiszewskiEgg HarborWI
9163                   $500.00Joseph BergerSheboyganWI
1115                  $500.00Stephanie FusRichfieldWI
4922                   $500.00DM ZdorkowskiSheboyganWI
10328                   $500.00Robert L KoeckenbergSlingerWI
1434                   $500.00Carol PitzlCudahyWI
2971                  $500.00Don PavelkaGreen BayWI
1083                   $500.00Paul J RadetskiGreen BayWI
6529                   $500.00Richard & Judith BurnsMuskegoWI
4836                   $500.00Roy HuffGreen BayWI
14723                   $500.00Thomas & Julie PeskieGreen BayWI
12221                  $500.00Kathy & Mike WilsonFort AtkinsonWI
4243                  $500.00Frank IrekMilwaukeeWI
11082                  $500.00Elvira ChicantekGreenfieldWI
16115                 $500.00David MeyerSussexWI
4498                 $500.00Steen ColemanColgateWI
11645                   $500.00Dawn Sorensen-BraunGlendaleWI
13794                   $500.00Gary LieunghMilwaukeeWI
3820                   $500.00Alice SwearingerMilwaukeeWI
14423                  $500.00George RileyNew BerlinWI
15052                  $500.00A MarcinowskiMilwaukeeWI
12308                  $500.00Leonard B SmithMilwaukeeWI
14833                  $500.00Arlene DunstonCudahyWI
12129                   $500.00Frank & Joseph M KloiberShorewoodWI
1430                  $500.00John StromskiMukwonagoWI
586                   $500.00Donald S MayerMenomnee FallsW

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