Clearing the Air at St. Ann Center

Spending time inside St. Ann Center will truly be a breath of fresh air, thanks to some modern technology that mimics Mother Nature.

A system known as Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI) is being installed at both the Stein and Bucyrus Campuses. “This is another step we’re taking to keep our clients, children and staff healthy during this time of flu and COVID-19,” said Chief Development Officer Chris Jackson.

Outside, nature uses ions (atoms or molecules with an electrical charge) that are created by lightning, waterfalls and ocean waves to break apart unnatural toxins. Inside, the NPBI technology creates ions that are dispersed through a building’s ventilation system. The ions latch onto particles of dust, dander, pollen, etc. and make them come together into large clusters that are easy to trap in an air filtration system.

In the case of viruses, bacteria and mold, the ions bond with these pathogens and disrupt their surface proteins, rendering them harmless.

The NPBI system is being installed by Johnson Controls. Next Door Milwaukee funded this installation for all its Head Start sites, including the Bucyrus Campus childcare wing. Other grants, including one from the Bradley Foundation, covered the cost of the technology throughout the rest of the buildings.

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