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Christmas Dress Rehearsal Jollies Up Stein Campus

By December 27, 2021No Comments2 min read

Santa did a practice run at the Stein Campus one week before Christmas Eve. The jolly elf chatted with clients and distributed presents on a day filled with festivities.

The fun started in the morning when clients strutted their stuff in the annual Ugliest Christmas Sweater Competition. Everyone had a blast trying to out-tacky one another with cardigans, pullovers and sweatshirts adorned with bells, blinking lights and all manner of Yuletide trimmings.

Next, the adult choir performed a choreographed rendition of the holiday favorite, “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch.” Rumor has it, the group’s spirit made the green meanie’s small heart grow three sizes.

The man in red arrived right after lunch, with his favorite elf in tow. The duo visited each of St. Ann Center’s adult day care units, handing out close to 150 presents, selected specifically for them.

St. Ann Center would like to thank Santa’s helpers who made the gift-giving possible: the South Shore Yacht Club Women’s Auxiliary and We Energies employees.

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