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Caregiver Corner – The Journey

By September 12, 2015No Comments1 min read

Caregiving is a journey. It often begins in a very small way: A person I love needs a little help now and then. I am happy to give it because we have a loving relationship. Gradually the person needs more help, and I continue to respond, spending increasing time and energy. At some point, caregivers find themselves overwhelmed and begin to ask, “How did this happen?” This is the time to consider looking for a helping hand.

There are many resources available in the form of companions, helpers with grocery shopping or personal care of loved ones and those who offer some respite. If you don’t take care of yourself, and become too physically or emotionally weary, then caregiving becomes a chore instead of a relationship. Look back at your caregiving journey and ask: What needs change or adjustment for the good of all concerned?

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