Bucyrus Campus Adult Olympics Is Golden

Competition was keen during the First Annual Bucyrus Campus Adult Olympics. Clients from the Simba, Sarabi, Ubuntu and Akachi units faced off in the Atrium, trying their hands at some challenging events.

At one table, clients exercised their card-playing muscles with an exciting game of Spades. Nearby, a hot game of Uno was underway. Some Olympians strategized over dominoes in one corner, while others were engrossed in a Connect4 match, attempting to stay one step ahead of their opponents.

The Bucyrus Campus pool table got a workout, too, as clients vied to see who could sink the most balls. And the familiar thwack-tap, thwack-tap, of a ping-pong match echoed around the room as players finessed the ball over the net.

The adults rotated from event to event, keeping track of their points along the way. MJ, the Olympian with the highest total, claimed bragging rights along with a prize—a pair of gold hoop earrings.

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