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Apples Appeal to All Ages

By November 8, 2016No Comments1 min read

A bushel of fun was had by all on Apple Day at St. Ann Center. The fruit-filled celebration was the finale of a unit on trees the childcare youngsters have been enjoying in recent weeks.

One popular intergenerational activity paired kids from the Firefly classroom with adult clients in Shepherd House for an apple stamping project. Mackenzie, Benjamin and Louis joined their adult friends Donna, Robert and volunteer Jerry dipping Granny Smiths into washable paint—creating a colorful crop of apple trees. Just for fun, Louis and Jerry thought outside the coloring page and stamped each others noses.

Since painting is thirsty work, the artists took a break to sip some cool cider and toast the arrival of autumn. When Jerry asked the kids where cider comes from, they whooped, “apples!” And apples come from, “trees!” We wouldn’t be going out on a limb to say, these children have been listening to their teachers!

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