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A Super Time! St. Ann Center Gets Ready for the Big Game.

By February 9, 2024No Comments1 min read

Maybe you’ll tune in to cheer for the Chiefs. Or maybe you think that the Niners are gold.  Perhaps you’re a Swiftie, or a fan of the ads or the halftime show acts, and don’t care about football at all.

 Whatever your reason to tune in (or not) to Sunday’s NFL extravaganza, the excitement is undeniable — and the residents at St. Ann Center’s Stein Campus were feeling it at our pregame celebration held Friday, Feb. 9. 

Residents and staff dressed up in their favorite teams’ gear (green and gold for the win!) and enjoyed super-fun events, including taking a snap in the football photo booth, showing off their signature touchdown dance and crushing the competition at “halftime” karaoke.  

A quartet of faux Taylors even filled the “Black Spaces” in the hallways with song, while one “Babe” in a bib sported his gameday plan and another rocked ball-covered bell bottoms. 

At St. Ann Center, football may not be life — but it sure makes a good reason to have a great time! 



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