A New Year’s Eve to Remember

The year 2020 got an enthusiastic send-off at St. Ann Center when the clients and staff got together to bid adieu to a very challenging 12 months. Despite the difficulties, everyone agreed, from tough times come tough lessons, personal growth and learning opportunities.

On the clients’ lists of things they’re happy to soon leave behind: COVID-19, masks and political overload. Among their resolutions for 2021: eating healthier, exercising (including lots of dancing and swimming at St. Ann Center), being more forgiving, serving the Lord and simply being nice to one another.

Sr. Edna Lonergan’s resolution: “To make sure everyone who spends their day with us is happy and healthy!”

Of course, 2021 received a warm welcome, too. There was the traditional 10 a.m. ball drop, complete with a countdown and noise makers, followed by a dance party featuring everyone’s favorite jams.

As client Barry put it, “For everything we’ve missed out on in 2020—there’s just as much to look forward to in 2021!”

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