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Bucyrus Campus

A Lesser-Known Ritual of Spring

By March 7, 2023No Comments1 min read
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If you’re a gardener, you might know exactly what these clients are doing, and why it’s a sure sign of spring.

Garden season actually starts well before the weather’s warm enough to plant seedlings in the garden. It even starts before you plant the seeds indoors that will soon grow into seedlings sturdy enough to transplant to your beds outdoors.

What these adult clients are doing might not look at first glance like a sign of spring or gardening. They’re wrapping the seedling cups to make them waterproof and ready to fill with soil.

It’s not a difficult task, but it is a large one, given that St. Ann Center’s Bucyrus Campus has more than 30 raised garden beds around its grounds. Katherine Keller, who tends those garden beds, last year wrapped about 400 seedling cups herself, a task that took her about two weeks, off and on as she had time.

This year, though, many hands are making light work, and a group of adult clients who enjoy helping with the gardens stepped up for this task. Closer to planting time (which we know is coming, despite the remnants of snow scattered about!), these same helpers will fill the cups with soil, another preliminary step necessary before planting.

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