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About St. Ann Center

A Global Pioneer in the Field of Intergenerational Care

St. Ann Center opened in 1999 and provides quality, compassionate care to children, elders, and adults of all ages with disabilities. Our story began in 1983, as a mission of the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi in the then-new field of adult day care.

sister edna
sister edna history

Over 35 years in Intergenerational Care

Our history is planted deep in Franciscan values: making peace, reverencing all creation, showing compassion, and creating a caring community. The Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi brought these values to Milwaukee in 1849 and to St. Ann Center for Intergenerational Care 134 years later. Today, this dynamic heritage continues to grow into a ministry with a vision.

More On Our Mission

Leadership Team & Board

sister edna st ann center

Edna Lonergan, OSF

Founder and President

Sister Edna holds degrees in nursing, occupational and massage therapy and gerontology. She created the first dementia-specific day care in Milwaukee and in 1999, the nation’s first fully integrated intergenerational day care at the Stein Campus on the south side. In 2015, she replicated the services at the new Bucyrus Campus on the near north side, one of the poorest and most underserved areas of Milwaukee.
dayo akande coo

Dayo Akande

john glaser cio

John Glaser

Chief Investment Officer

timothy sullivan board chair

Timothy W. Sullivan

Board Chair

kristen kriegbaum vice board

Kristen Kriegbaum

Vice Board Chair

Board of Directors

  • Timothy W. Sullivan, Chair
  • Kristen Kriegbaum, Vice Chair
  • Dr. Michael Goss
  • Sr. Ann Kelley, OSF
  • Peter Kordus
  • Craig Mackus
  • Marilyn Miller
  • Jeremy Moore
  • Sr. Diane Oman, OSF
  • William K. Reilley, Sr.
  • Angela Thompson
  • Ramona Dicks-Williams
  • Zak Wroblewski

Board (Properties)

  • Timothy W. Sullivan, Chair
  • Bishop Walter Harvey
  • Rev. Joseph Jackson Jr.
  • Tabatha Jordan
  • Sr. Ann Kelley, OSF
  • Craig Mackus
  • Fr. Bryan Massingale
  • Barbara Wyatt Sibley
  • Una Van Duvall

Administrative Team

  • Sr. Diana De Bruin, OSF
  • Sr. Kathryn Dean Strandell, OSF
  • Sr. Ellen Carr, OSF

St. Ann Center Mission Statement

The mission of St Ann Center for Intergenerational Care is to provide community-based health and educational services for children and frail adults and to serve as a resource and support for caregivers. The Center, sponsored by the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi, reflects Franciscan values in meeting the spiritual, psychological, social, and physical needs of all who participate regardless of faith, culture, or ability to pay. 

Our Four Core Values

St. Ann Center abides by the following Franciscan values: 

Creating a Caring Community

  • Respect for each individual’s personal dignity
  • Hospitality, courtesy, and kindness
  • Friendship, openness
  • Fostering loving relationships


Showing Compassion for Others

  • Serving and caring for the poor and oppressed
  • Concern for justice issues
  • Taking responsible social action
  • Offering unselfish service, altruism


Reverencing All Creation

  • Respect for all creations
  • Fostering a simple lifestyle, stewardship
  • Human dignity and empowerment of people
  • Concern for environmental issues


Making Peace

  • Healing and reconciliation
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Forgiveness
  • Care and understanding to eliminate fears


Sharing Our Mission – Build Your Own Intergenerational, Community-based Care Center

St. Ann Center is dedicated to promoting nationwide this new social model of community-based care, one that provides a non-institutional lifestyle of service, choice, compassion, and dignity to all ages, and bridging the gap between generations. To that end, we have published a step-by-step manual outlining what’s involved in starting an intergenerational care center like ours.

Caring for Generations can help you build your own intergenerational, community-based care center. The 113-page, softcover manual includes support materials to help you replicate the St. Ann Center model of multigenerational care to benefit those in your community.

Order the manual by filling the form below. We look forward to being a partner in your intergenerational journey.

Questions? Email or call (414) 977-5064  

Purchase the Manual

Our Sister Ministries

St. Ann Center is one of nine collaborative ministries of the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi, a Catholic order of sisters in Milwaukee. The other ministries include:

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