One Year Olds

One Year Olds

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Day early learning for one year olds

At St. Ann Center, we help 1 year olds learn and explore at their own pace in a nurturing and safe environment.

Handprint Art

Here is what your child will learn:

  • Physical Skills. Develops fine motor strength and coordination: uses fingers and hands to grip a spoon, open a cup and handle writing and drawing tools; develops traveling skills for walking, running and jumping.
  • Language. Learns basic sign language to communicate; improves listening skills to understand increasingly complex language; forms a foundation for a growing vocabulary
  • Social-Emotional Skills. Creates/maintains positive relationships with peers and adults; participates cooperatively by helping pick up toys
  • Thinking Skills. Follows simple directions; solves problems through trial and error

Support from generous people, like you, creates this joyful intergenerational community.

Intergenerational activities include:

  • Music and art with adults. Teaching children to get along with people different from them and giving adults joy
  • Learning to shake hands and give high fives to adult friends

Just for fun:*

Yoga to improve balancing skills and coordination
Art projects to strengthen fingers/wrist/hand-arm coordination
Nature walks as an introduction to science and the environment

Playing in the ball pit

Supplies parents need to provide:

  • Diapers
  • Wipes/Ointments
  • Nap time blanket
  • Two changes of clothes
  • Bubbles
  • Cotton balls
  • Magazines
  • Crayons (large)
  • Markers (large)
  • Glue (stick or liquid)
  • Masking tape

*As our new Bucyrus Campus continues to grow, we will add more special programs to mirror all those available at the Stein Campus. Visit our website often to watch our progress!

Enroll at Stein Campus

Call (414) 977-5041 for more info

Enroll at Bucyrus Campus

Call (414) 210-2468 for more info

Childcare directors and caregivers are interested in a parent’s concerns, and they work hard to accommodate you and your child. They are responsive to suggestions and encourage parental participation and feedback in general. The center monitors who comes in and out of the day care area. They provide a lot of activities and intergenerational time, which is important for both child and adult.

~ Jane A., Parent

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