Children from Bucyrus and Stein Campuses Share a Fun-Filled Day at the Park!

Wednesday, June 15, was the perfect day to savor the outdoors. The children from St. Ann Center Bucyrus and Stein Campuses shared an exciting, fun-filled day at South Shore Pavilion Park. Both campuses came together for their first- ever joint field trip. The children enjoyed a joyous day filled with activities.

Like most new friendships, things got off to a bit of a slow start. They eight kids from the Bucyrus campus were full of life, joy, and had so much character. They were sitting on a bench right next to the playground snacking on delicious oatmeal crème pies and potato chips while the Stein kids were across the way enjoying their lunch. After everyone was done eating, Miss Lisa, from the Stein Campus invited the Bucyrus kids over for some watermelon. They moseyed over and the children began interacting.

The children had options: romping on the playground, walking down to Lake Michigan to skip rocks, having their faces painted, or all three.

When Miss Sarah Jane announced she was doing face paintings, the kids’ faces glowed with excitement, and they began to line up. They all waited patiently while dreaming up their design and conversing with their friends. Next, they were given the option to go visit the lake. Some of the Bucyrus kids were a bit hesitant but nonetheless agreed to give it a try. One girl in particular was completely against it, but decided to join the rest of her friends on the adventure. When Mr. Jacob brought the kids back up, that same girl came back with her eyes wide with excitement. “That was so much fun. Can we please go back down?”

Mr. Jacob proceeded to take a few more kids back down to the lake to hunt for tadpoles while others headed towards the playground. Mr. Dominique, or as some of the kids called him, Mr. Domino, headed back up with his group of kids to supervise hand washing, as it was close to quitting time.

Both kids and staff had a wonderful time together, enjoying what’s sure to be the beginning of many combined field trips and activities between the campuses.

Bucyrus summer camp is currently enrolling new students. Stop into the Center at 2450 W. North Avenue between 6am and 6pm Monday- Friday to enroll or call (414) 210-2468 or sign up online at

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