Day Care for Children and Adults

At St. Ann Center no one is alone and everyone is celebrated.

Comprehensive intergenerational care for all ages & abilities!

St. Ann Center specializes in adult and child day services in a safe, homelike intergenerational setting, where compassion, care and dignity are key. We bring all ages together—from 6 weeks old to 100+. Youngsters learn to respect and socialize with all types of people, while older adults delight to the sights and sounds of children—making dozens of young, loving friends.

Our award-winning program gives children a chance to learn as they grow in a safe, fun and loving environment. The intergenerational setting offers kids opportunities to meet and interact with new friends of all ages and abilities.

St. Ann Center specializes in adult day care that meets the physical, social and emotional needs of frail elderly and people with disabilities. Wraparound services range from outpatient rehabilitation to skilled nursing and dementia care.

Our comprehensive community program offer “a la carte” services designed for people who need extra care while spending their day at the center. Our program is also designed for people who just need one particular service.

New Hours of Operation: 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. weekdays

Now open:

  • Child Day Care at Both Campuses
  • Adult Day Care at Both Campuses
  • Bucyrus Campus Medical Clinic
  • Gardetto Family Dental Clinic (Bucyrus Campus)
  • Beauty Salon (Stein Campus)
  • Physical, Occupational and Restorative Therapy (Stein Campus)
  • Warm-water Pool/Aquatic Center-Stein Campus (open to St. Ann Center Summer Campers and for one-to-one private lessons for our childcare children and community youngsters)

Services remaining temporarily closed include:
  • Warm-water Pool/Aquatic Center-Bucyrus Campus
  • Massage Therapy

COVID-19: Resources You Can Use

Mayor Barrett speaking at St. Ann Center,
Best Intergenerational Award in 2016.

This is the closest place to heaven on earth. Everyone is loved for who they are.”

~ Mayor Tom Barrett

Mayor Tom Barrett St. Ann Center

This is the closest place to heaven on earth. Everyone is loved for who they are.”

~ Mayor Tom Barrett