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Reiki Thursday: Meet Your Soul Star Chakra

By June 27, 2024No Comments6 min read

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Even if you are a regular student or practitioner of yoga, Reiki, meditation or the chakras, you may not know that there is an eighth chakra. And, as the late pop star Prince once sang, baby, it’s a star.

Also known as the universal heart, the Bridge chakra, or the vyapiniI or Seat of the Soul in Sanskrit, the 8th chakra is often called the Soul Star. And if you think such a celestial name seems like a lot to live up to, you are correct.

In addition to working in concert with the body’s interconnected chakras, the Soul Star also connects us to our non-physical self and other dimensions or worlds, including those used in past life regression therapy, trance therapy, and practicing as or consulting a medium.

Read on to learn more about this star of better spiritual and physical  health.

What is your soul?

To understand your soul chakra, you have to understand your soul, which is basically everything that makes you you beyond your physical body – your personality, your identity, your thoughts and memories, your character and your feelings. Some faiths believe that the soul lasts forever, becoming pure and taking on a new body in the afterlife. Others believe that when we physically die, our souls die with us.

In either case, it’s very important to pay attention to and nurture this vital element of who we are.

Where is the Soul Star chakra?

soul star chakraEven though it isn’t visible, as is the case with all stars, you’d need to look up to see it. Though it’s up for debate in the energy healing community, most agree that the Soul Star hovers about 6 to 12 inches above your head.

What does the Soul Star do?

Think of this chakra as the storage unit for your soul. It holds all the information of your past lives and your soul’s past elements. When your Soul Star is in alignment, you may of instances of intense intuition, renewed inspiration, a true understanding of your life purpose, great positivity about the future and an abundance of energy to make that so.

How does the Soul Star become weakened?

The Soul Star loses its, well, shine when we become disenchanted with life and disconnected from our life’s purpose. Think of the days when you are just going through the motions, doing as little as possible, or acting on decisions those closest to you might find at odds with your usual self. We all have them. But few of us know that there is a specific way to get ourselves back on track by remembering and nurturing who we really are.

How do you get your Soul Star back on track?

There are a number of ways to return the shine to your soul star, with a little mind work and change of heart.

  • Do things that re-enforce, or at least move you closer to, your purpose in this life, and consciously and conscientiously let go of people, mindsets, and minor setbacks and annoyances that take you away from that. Traffic jams, bad dates, children’s temper tantrums and the like are temporary. Learn to recognize and embrace that, and know that better things are almost always ahead.
  • Learn that honesty is the best policy – with yourself and with others – and that doesn’t make you a bad person. Each of us has at least one person in our lives who is able to be honest with us and others, and true to themselves, in a way that seems honorable rather than mean. Study the way they carry and express themselves and see if there are things you can emulate. Accept that being honest with yourself can be painful, sometimes terribly so, but acknowledging and embracing the truth is the shortest path to becoming a better friend, a better parent, a better colleague, a better you.
  • Commit to living life to the fullest. Really commit. Working on your spiritual and physical life, emotionally and physically, will help you make the most of the existence you’ve been giving. Committing to only one or the other is selling yourself short, while finding a balance between your spiritual self and your temporal — and embracing that quality time spent nurturing one does not negate the other – can offer you the richest life possible.
  • Learn the proper way to breathe. There’s a reason our loved ones tell us to “just breathe” when we’re upset. Little does more to calm a racing mind or a nerve-addled body than slowing and deepening our breathing. Learning to breathe consistently in a way that properly feeds our body and mind is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself.
  • Embrace crystals and minerals that strengthen the path between the physical and non-physical. Some of these are:
    • Indigo Kyanite – chockful of strong positive vibrations, this stone stops the negative chatter in your mind and lets you focus on the good.
    • Amethyst – not only lovely to look at, with its myriad shades of purple, amethyst helps alleviate anxiety, depression, tension and headaches. It also clears the mind, washes away toxic thinking and encourages healthy sleep patterns.
    • Clear quartz – Often called the “master healer,” clear quartz also amplifies positive thinking.
    • Lodolite – Featuring patterns that look like peaceful landscapes and other worlds, Lodolite is great for relieving stress and anxiety, promoting relaxation and peace, and providing spiritual guidance and support.
  • Find a sound that pleases both your physical and non-physical self … or embrace silence. If you love being out in nature, try the sound of waves, birdsong, or wind in the trees. If dancing is how you blow off steam, choose a few songs that make you joyful and want to get up and move. Pick something that makes you feel good head to toe, even if that is no sound at all.
  • Garden, or spend time with someone who does. Plants truly connect us with the natural and spiritual world in many ways. Watching tiny seeds or seedlings grow into sturdy plants, some of which die and return year after year, reminds us of our own ability to grow, regenerate after loss or setback, and bloom where we are planted. The fragrance or site of flowers that remind us of people who have passed on can bring on memories that improve our mood in an instant. If gardening is new to you, start small and learn as you go and grow.

In short, pack your life with things that make you feel happy, encouraged and empowered, and your true purpose — and the happiness and peace it brings — will follow.

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