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Reiki Thursday: Meet Your Foot Chakras!

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foot chakras
In all likelihood, you think of your feet as your body’s primary workhorses. They can get you here and there, serve as shock absorbers when you run or walk, help you keep your balance, give you good (or maybe not so good) posture and offer a great excuse to treat yourself to a pedicure, foot massage or a new pair of shoes.

Quality shoes. Your mom is right about that one.

What you may not know is that your feet have a whole other internal universe that equally impacts your body and how you feel. Practitioners of acupressure and reflexology know that the feet are packed full of meridians – energy channels or electrical pathways – that can help the body reduce pain and stress, improve circulation and digestion, release negative energy from our bodies and more.


foot chakra

Image credit: Your Body Has the Answer

If this sounds pretty companionable with the workings of the major chakras throughout your body, that is because the two energy sources are tied.

Read on to learn how the body chakras and the foot chakras work together.

Root chakra/heel – Like the Root Chakra to which it is connected, the base chakra — centered in your heel — helps you feel soundly grounded to the earth. Because our heels are our first contact point with the ground when we take a step, the Base Chakra also controls our sense of security and stability as we move through the world.

Sacral chakra/little toe – Though there is no real, direct connection here, your sacral chakra is associated with feeling like your best self – passionate, creative, and physically and emotionally well. When that chakra is thrown off, our balance and movements can be too – just like when our pinky toe gets broken or sprained.

Solar plexus chakra/big toe – Our solar plexus chakra is all about our personal sense of power, purposefulness and confidence. When it is blocked, we feel emotionally askew … just like we’d be physically askew if we lost our big toe.

Heart chakra/second toe, Throat chakra/ third toe – While you may only give your second and third toes much thought when all is not well with your feet, you may want to take notice of how you are feeling overall when that is the case. Both of these chakras help govern how well we express ourselves, connect with others and feel about people in general. So if your under-the-radar digits are aching along with or without the rest of your feet, you may want to give your heart chakra a little extra love.


chakra chart final

Think of chakras as critical intersections between your mind and body. If the intersections are blocked, so are your mind and body.

Third Eye chakra/fourth toeFeeling indecisive lately? A little less perceptive or off your game? Try giving your fourth toe a good massage and see if that helps. Your little toe’s neighbor is associated with the third eye chakra, which governs intuition, perception and inner wisdom. Here are some other things that might help.

Crown chakra/soleIn short, your soul and your soles are well connected. The soles of your feet feature 6 secondary points which directly reflect your crown and third eye chakras. The crown chakra is arguably the most powerful chakra in our bodies, producing the most energy and governing how we feel about ourselves and our place in the world and the universe.

Your feet are your body’s foundation, so if you’ve been a bit rough on them and are feeling a little rough yourself, now is the perfect time to delve further into these important energy connections, wear the right shoes for your feet, and treat your toes and soles to a little TLC as often as you can. You may just wind up feeling even better than you thought.

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