Adult at Bucyrus Campus

Independence and a sense of purpose

St. Ann Center strives to give older adults and persons with disabilities a chance to remain independent longer. Those we care for receive compassionate and cost-effective care, then return home at the end of the day.

Day care can do a lot of good, both for older adults and their caregivers. Besides providing clients with the care, supervision and social interaction they need, it gives caregivers the time they need to work or meet other obligations.

Most important, St. Ann Center nurtures a sense of purpose in our clients and an exciting reason to get up in the morning.

Our intergenerational program brings clients of all ages together for planned and informal activities. Children benefit from positive one-on-one attention from nurturing, caring adults, and adults gain a sense of purpose by sharing wisdom and skills with children.

Adults talk and smile more as they remember their own childhood and their children. They also participate more in activities. Adults and children look forward to these special times when they share and learn from one another.