Free Business Incubator

February 27, 2018 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
St. Ann Center Bucyrus Campus
2450 W North Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53205
John Jansen
(414) 977-5031

Building from Within

Attention: Entrepreneurs

The 5th Free Business Incubator for potential business start-ups is Tuesday, Feb. 27 at St. Ann Center – Bucyrus Campus, 2450 W. North Ave. Must complete the application to be considered for participation. Application deadline is:Feb. 20th.

Download Flyer & PDF Questionaire Form

St. Ann Center hosts an Introduction to Entrepreneurship Event presented by Launch MKE, a nonprofit committed to building healthy, growing communities by enabling urban entrepreneurs and businesses in Milwaukee to succeed.

This three-hour workshop helps participants work together to explore their business ideas and learn how to refine their models through meaningful customer feedback and helpful steps. Whether you’re just getting started, stuck on a particular issue or in need of a refresher, this workshop will provide the jumpstart you need to get moving.

The Get-Started Workshop addresses three main needs faced by business starters:

  • Explore Your Idea: Participants learn how the start-up business model can help get ideas out of their heads into a format that can be refined over time. They also deep dive into understanding their customers.
  • Refine Your Model: Once ideas are mapped out, participants learn how to use customer feedback to refine them. They’re encouraged to find ways to start small to get in front of customers sooner and begin testing their ideas.
  • Define Next Steps: As the workshop concludes, participants define actionable steps that can be taken to move their ideas forward.

Ald. Russell W. Stamper II will be on hand at this free resource event, along with graduates from the Launch MKE Business Academy. Representatives from BizStarts will provide information on their coaching capabilities.The purpose of the Business Incubator is to provide on-site investment resources for persons who are looking to expand or start their own business in the 15th Aldermanic District (53205, 53206 and 53210).

14 Responses to “Free Business Incubator”

  1. Kathy Lee

    Looking forward to being apart of this great opportunity.

  2. Pat Hudson

    I am still in he idea stages of a community bakery and breakfast bar in 53206 area. I live in the area and find not many options with regard to healthy and well prepared food. I have been running a home baking business with most customers being peers and former employer (MPD-City of Milwaukee) and have run a business with my husband for several years. I am a stakeholder in this community an look forward to any help that I can obtain regarding this venture.

  3. Joe

    I filled out the survey and Hope to be able participate with the Incubator.

  4. Kathy Lee

    This would be a great way to get my business “God Morning” Mugs and More, more exposure. I very grateful for all opportunities afforded me at this time. Thank you very much. Kathy Lee

  5. Brandi Iberia Austin

    I’ve completed the survey and have high hopes to be one of the 20 selected to participate in the business incubator.


    • Cathy Feldkamp

      Great! Thank you for completing the survey and you will hear from John soon!

  6. Nakita Deberry

    I would be very happy if Ms. Clean Cleaning Service LLC would be given an opportunity to have a business incubator. It gives us a chance to display all the different services we provide.

    • Cathy Feldkamp

      Hi Nakita,

      If you are looking for assistance in growing Ms. Clean Cleaning Service, you can submit your business idea through the survey above. If you would like the be included in the event in another way, you can contact John at (414) 977-5031 or Thank you for your comment!


  7. Charmaine Fowlkes


    I would really like the opportunity to show Milwaukee what I have to offer on a business level.

    • Cathy Feldkamp

      Hi Charmaine!

      You are in luck. We had a great response so we will be holding a second incubator a little bit later this year. You can fill out the survey above now and we will let you know when the date of the second event is announced.

      Thank you for your comment!

  8. Michael Rowsey

    Thank You, Thank You , Thank You what a wonderful opportunity you are offering to those in need.

    • Cathy Feldkamp

      Thank you! We excited to giving this opportunity to the community!

  9. Talethea Thompson

    Thank you.

    • Cathy Feldkamp

      Thank you! We are happy to be part of this community building opportunity.


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