Four Year Olds

Four Year Olds

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Day care & early childhood education for four year olds

Curiosity and energy are overflowing when you’re 4. At St. Ann Center, we harness all that kid-power through exploration, play, study and accomplishing objectives to prepare your child for school.

Bucyrus campus playground

Here is what your child will learn:

  • Literacy. Notices and discriminates between sounds; identifies the names of letters; uses letter-sound knowledge; writes name; writes to convey meaning
  • Self-Help Skills. Dresses and undresses self, zips coat, self-serves lunch
  • Social-Emotional Skills. Interacts with peers; forms relationships with adults; solves social problems; cooperates and participates positively in groups
  • Thinking Skills. Shows positive approaches to learning, curiosity and motivation
  • Mathematics. Compares and measures; recognizes patterns
  • Language. Uses correct grammar; takes part in conversation
  • Science and Technology. Demonstrates knowledge of the characteristics of living things, objects and materials and the Earth’s environment
  • Social Studies. Demonstrates self-knowledge, understanding of people and how they live; explores change related to familiar people or places
  • The Arts. Explores visual arts, musical concepts and expression, dance and movement and drama

Support from generous people, like you, creates this joyful intergenerational community.

Intergenerational activities include:

  • Exercise with adult friends
  • Art and music in our specialized Alzheimer’s and dementia care unit

Just for fun:*

Messy Mondays (we really get into our art!)Cooking activities
Nature walksSwimming
Field trips—mini golf, field day at local parks, visit to a pumpkin farm

Table time with teachers

Supplies parents need to provide:

  • Nap time blanket
  • Swimsuit/towel (water shoes/flip-flops optional)
  • Small backpack
  • Water bottle
  • Bug spray
  • Sunscreen

*As our new Bucyrus Campus continues to grow, we will add more special programs to mirror all those available at the Stein Campus. Visit our website often to watch our progress!

Enroll at Stein Campus

Call (414) 977-5041 for more info

Enroll at Bucyrus Campus

Call (414) 210-2468 for more info

Thank you for giving Athena a nurturing, exciting and loving place to be. We appreciate it so much and are grateful for the hard work, care and thoughtfulness we have found at St. Ann Center.”

~ A happy parent

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