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Improving the quality of life

in our community begins by connecting with you!

Visit our Stein or Bucyrus Campus to discover what “care for all ages & abilities” really means. Tour

Here is a hint – It means celebrating the gifts of children and adults at the center and the gifts of everyone in the community who makes the celebration possible. We’ve connected families, volunteers and businesses to opportunities where they truly make a difference.

Need inspiration on how you can make a difference here?

Volunteer Your Passions

Sing or dance? Garden or do photography? Volunteering at St. Ann Center is as much about what you love as it is about how we need help. Call: (414) 977-5034

Share our Space

Both campuses are available to rent! We want to help you celebrate special moments and provide an inclusive space for community organizations and events. Call: (414) 977-5000

Be a Valued Partner

The impact you make by connecting with us ripples through the entire community. Caregivers remain employed, adults stay engaged and youth gain valuable role models. Call: (414) 977-5062